We have a growing family here at JPC community farm and we thought it would be a great idea to showcase some of the heartwarming things some of our clients, parents and carers have said about JPC community farm! 

I want to just thank you for giving my son the chance to enjoy life to the maximum. I’m so glad he has been able to have a placement with yourselves at the farm. As his parents we were really worried and scared for his future. He’s only been with you for 2 days and the happiness and excitement he brings home every day is priceless, I’ve never seen him so happy in a number of years. Although we do everything with him he’s come out of his shell more he’s getting confidence as it’s quite lonely for him having no friends or socialising with anyone. From the bottom of our hearts we can’t thank you enough he can’t wait to come on a morning he FaceTimes all the family every night saying how great it is. Thanks again!

                            - Dianne Hudson

(Parent of a client who is part

of our accreditation programme) 


Thank you for getting me here without you I would not believe in myself and would not have the confidence.

                            - Mali Hudson

(Client who is part

of our accreditation programme) 


"Aimee has attended on a regular basis the services  provided at JPC Community farm with Barbara, she enjoys it immensely. She has gained a set of skills which will be useful in everyday life. Aimee feels valued and supported coming and meeting everyone. She loves the social aspect of the training."

                            - Valerie Khan

(Parent of a client who is part

of our ESF and Hub O'clock programmes )