JPC Accreditation award 

Independent Living 

This programme is specially prepared by JPC staff to help you gain valuable work experience and increase your independence by developing essential living skills. Maths and English are embedded throughout the course to further develop your abilities and help you to gain employability skills that really matter. Literacy and numeracy are embedded in all we do, e.g. reading a recipe and weighing out food!

There are 3 progression levels.
Every level develops skills within the following units as described in the Gov. SEND 19-25 year old document ‘Preparing for Adulthood’.

  1. Independent living

  2. Health

  3. Having friends and relationships

  4. Moving towards paid employment

Our Modules...

Independent Living 

In this module, we look at developing skills to allow us to live independently.

For example, we look at;

  • Home management

  • Food preparation

  • Personal care

  • Using public transport

  • Money ... etc. 


In this module, we look at developing skills to allow us to live a healthy life.

For example, we look at;

  • Healthy eating

  • Emotions 

  • Stress management 

  • Relaxation

  • Confidence building

Friends and Relationships 

In this module, we look at developing skills to allow us to build and nurture friendships. 

For example, we look at;

  • Friendships 

  • Team building

  • Leisure time

There are lots of opportunities on the farm for work experience, voluntary work or even paid employment! 

You could play a role in animal care, gardening, groundsman, working our Orangery Bistro and lots more!

We will help you develop skills necessary to experience some of these roles and maybe even gain employment here at JPC Community Farm! There are so many new and exciting opportunities as the farm grows and grows!

Moving towards paid Employment 

Current clients and their stories...



Nathan has been part of our programme and came to JPC Training for life completely lacking in confidence. He expressed to us how much he loved wheelchair basketball and how he has struggled without it during COVID-19. 

He had told us how he worked in schools teaching wheelchair basketball to children, and we thought this could be a brilliant idea of something we could bring to the farm. 

We currently have put in some grant applications to get funding for a pitch and some wheelchair basketball equipment so our clients can be taught wheelchair basketball by Nathan, giving them both an extremely rewarding opportunity.


Nathan is excited about this and we currently do the best we can, teaching a small number of clients in an empty apartment, using a box as a hoop!



Aimee has been part of our programme and has developed some great skills which she has shared with all our guests in the Orangery.

Aimee is training as a Waitress in the Orangery and finds writing orders down difficult. I developed an alternative menu to help her achieve her goals. The Velcro menu has pictures as well as text and her job instantly becomes easier.



Matthew is on our JPC Accreditation programme and has a huge passion for horses. 

He has developed a strong bond with one of the horses and he has developed a long term project to train the horse to walk along side a wheelchair. 

This is beneficial to both Matthew and JPC farm as he describes it as 'his kind of meditation'. As our farm grows, we can eventually get otheryoung people In wheelchairs to walk the horse just like Matthew due to his training. 

He walks the horse every week and gets so much enjoymeny from it. He is even writing his own childrens story with the horse and him as the main characters.

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